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 History of Crime Data Collection
The following chart provides a brief history of the development of the collection of crime data.
IACP developed UCR
  • Standardized definitions adopted
Michigan UCR Program Initiated
  • Voluntary submission of crime data
Public Act 319
  • Mandatory submission of crime data
  • Summary counts of all reported crimes
UCR - Introduced LEMS (Law Enforcement Management System)
  • Developed, but not fully adopted
Committee from Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police (MACP) and Michigan Sheriffs Association (MSA) request a shortened version of LEMS
Incident Reporting System (IRS) Enacted
UCR Developed On-Line Program for Agencies with LEIN (Law Enforcement Information Network)
UCR collecting data in 8 different formats:
  • (4 )Types of Tape formats
  • Punch Cards
  • On-line
  • Summary Forms
National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) adopted by FBI, AG, NSA, and IACP
NIBRS Implementation Began
  • Will enhance quality, quantity and timeliness of data
  • Improved methodology for compiling, analyzing, auditing and publishing data
UCR Grant to Redesign Program in Michigan
MICR System Launched
MICR Rewrite to include electronic LEOKA submission
  • Reduction in paper forms processed

The Michigan Incident Crime Reporting (MICR) system was established and certified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1994 and is Michigan’s equivalent of the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS). MICR captures a standard set of data elements as required by the FBI; additional data elements concerning crimes passed into law by the Michigan legislature and information concerning hate crime, domestic violence, and law enforcement officers assaulted or killed in Michigan.